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How is PTE Scored? The Score Guide You Have to Know to Improve your Scores in One Month

How is PTE Scored? The Score Guide You Have to Know to Improve your Scores in One Month

PTE score calculation is more complicated than IETLS. The overall score is based on performance on all test items.

Some candidates may think they are good at reading and writing, but they are surprised when they find the results are not as what they expected.

What went wrong?

The secrete is that your reading and writing scores are also determined by your speaking and listening abilities.

VAE tells you how it works by the following table.

You can diagnose your reports by yourself to find a better way to improve your marks in one month!

Tips 1: What if you found you had lower score in Reading section

You can practice Read Aloud (Speaking), Summarise written text (Writing) and Highlight incorrect words (Listening) to improve your marks in reading.

Tips 2: Write from dictation is very very very important!

Write form dictation is the last item in PTE exam.

Most candidates feel exhausted after complete previous items, and they ignore how important Write from Dictation is.

Generally, there are three questions in Write from Dictation, and each sentence is around 7 to 15 words, and each word is ONE point.

That means Write from Dictation worth around 30 points, plus it contributes scores to Listening and Writing!!


If you are interested the detail of PTE scoring, you can download Pearson PTE official score guide: DOWNLOAD

If you still cannot achieve your goal, we may contact Victorian Academy of English (VAE) for help to improve your overall English skills.



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