IELTS Preparation

VAE has proven success rates with our students who have taken the IELTS exam in Melbourne. Many of our students take IELTS for university or IELTS for immigration to Australia.

Not only does VAE help students get ready for their IELTS exams, we also helps students succeed. Our students who have taken the IELTS exam in Melbourne have proven success rates. Whether you are taking the IELTS for university or for immigration to Australia, we can help you get the score you need to succeed.

Our IELTS Preparation Course is specifically designed to aid international students with achieving the scores they want. Our curriculum has been implemented time after time to help students reach their target scores. Thanks to our focus on individualized teacher-student interactions, our lessons at VAE help you develop the skills you need to refine your English for each of the test sections.


  • Approaching and locating written and visual information
  • Techniques in reading questions and recognizing paragraph structures
  • Identify alternative meanings and distracting information
  • Vocabulary building


  • Understanding visual information
  • Interpreting of data and statistics
  • Developing and presenting arguments
  • Organizing and expressing facts, opinions, arguments and supporting information
  • Structure and organization of essay
  • Describing trends and processes


  • Giving personal and general information
  • Organizing notes on a random speaking topic
  • Taking part in discussion and expressing opinions
  • Comparing and contrasting information
  • Communicating your ideas clearly
  • Explaining common errors, pitfalls and intonation
  • Understanding common speaking errors and pronunciation

General skills

  • Strategies for taking IELTS exam and all other learning
  • Techniques to build confidence in speaking
  • Time management skills in examination

By the end of this course, you will:

  • be better equipped to get your own maximum possible score on the IELTS exam
  • have significantly improved your speaking and writing skills with the help of personalised feedback based on your own strengths and weaknesses
  • have mastered VAE’s customised curriculum and learning materials
  • have learned the test-taking strategies to successfully pass the IELTS exam
  • be familiar and comfortable with all the IELTS exam requirement

The VAE Difference

We have highly qualified and experienced teachers with an in-depth understanding of the IELTS test.
Two levels of classes allow you to improve your IELTS score from the ground up.
VAE is a certified IELTS Pre-test Centre, which will allow you to closely simulate the test experience.