Accent Transformation & Pronunciation Skills

This class will help you with accent training, clear speaking, and listening comprehension with the goal of improving your overall communication skills.

It is an intensive program that uses a variety of interactive pronunciation and listening exercises to help you reduce your accent and improve discrete listening skills.

Through interactive pronunciation exercises, you will practice creating the correct sounds and discover different ways to improve their ability to speak English clearly with a more natural pace and flow.

VAE’s Accent Transformation Course is designed to help you to reduce your native accent, improve your listening comprehension and to speak clearly. The primary objective of the Accent Transformation Course is to assist you with building and improving your overall communication skills.

Everyone has some type of accent, be it a foreign accent or regional dialect. We don’t need to eliminate accents; it is often a mark of our cultural identity. However, when our speech patterns interfere with effective communication, particularly on the job, then it becomes a priority to modify it.

With this is mind we have developed a unique accent training program with the primary goal of helping you to identify challenging aspects of your communication style and developing strategies to improve overall pronounciation.

Our listening comprehension exercises include important vocabulary-building activities and dictation exercises to help build your communication skills. Our specific listening activities are combined with a comprehensive overview of English sounds to help you develop your discrete listening skills and clear speech.

To help foster your progress, our course includes regular assessments so that you can can see how much you have progressed in just 4 weeks.

Week 1: Phonetic Symbols and Sounds
Week 2: Voiced and Voiceless Sounds
Week 3: Reduced Speech
Week 4: Linking and Natural Speech patterns

  • Class focus: Accent reduction, Speaking Accuracy, Listening skills, pronunciation
  • Hours per week: 2 hours
  • Language levels: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Maximum class size: 12 students (Average: 8 students)
  • Duration: 4 weeks