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Which is the Best PTE Test Centre in Melbourne? Why it Does Matter?

Which is the Best PTE Test Centre in Melbourne? Why it Does Matter!

All PTE candidates have already known that PTE is a computer-based English test for academic and immigration purpose.

Do you know a good or bad centre may affect your results?

Yes, it does matter. It is unlike an IELTS exam, you speak to the examiner one on one in speaking section. In PTE exam, you may feel very distracted when all candidates start their speaking section at the same time in the same room.

However, it can be very confusing when it comes to picking the right test centres. Let’s compare pros and cons of all test centres in Melbourne.

There are five test centres in Melbourne now. Four are located in Melbourne CBD, and only Melbourne Polytechnic is located in northern suburb in Melbourne


RMIT English Worldwide

Level 10, RMIT University Building 108,235-251 Bourke St,Melbourne VIC 3000

RMIT test centre has good seat arrangement, which is a U-type arrangement, and it has relatively lower disruptions during exam.


Pearson Professional Centers-Melbourne

Level 14, 300 La Trobe St,Melbourne VIC 3000

Pearson has much experience as a professional test centre. The seat arrangement is L-type, which is the least distractions from other candidate.


PLT at Cliftons Melbourne

Level 1,440 Collin St,Melbourne VIC 3000

The seat arrangement in PLT is a three-row arrangement. If sitting in the middle row, it is higher chance to be distracted by other candidates.

Melbourne Polytechnic 

Building E, Room 315, 77 St Georges, Preston 3072

Melbourne Polytechnic test centre is a small test centre, which only accommodate 9 candidates. It’s relatively quiet.

Victoria University

Level 17, 300 Flinders St. Melbourne VIC 3000

Although the seat arrangement in Victoria University test centre is poor regarding the size of the room, it has good equipment and very nice staffs.

If you are always concentrated on your exam, not easily distracted, VU may be still a good choice for you.

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