VAE aims to help our students develop both fluency and confidence in order to achieve success in academic and professional goals. This is accomplished through genuine and dedicated care from teachers and support staff who understand the needs of language learners.

We are proud to be recognised as a quality provider within the education industry. We are focused on ensuring all students receive the training, support and skills that they deserve for their future.

We pride ourselves on offering a supportive and flexible learning environment with highly dedicated teachers, trainers and assessors who are here to help you reach your goals.

In our modern world, you need to have a competitive edge to distinguish yourself from others, whether you are applying for a job or trying to get a degree at a university.

Our qualified teachers, trainers and assessors will not only provide you with high-quality education, but they will also help you obtain practical life experience that you can learn from and use to help you achieve your dreams.

Our students come from different backgrounds and this creates a unique atmosphere where you can experience other cultures and socialise with a diverse group of students. Our approachable teachers, trainers, assessors and administration staff are happy to share experiences with you and they are here to help provide stepping stones for your future.

As many of our graduates already know, a great future starts with an exceptional education. If you are looking for an exciting new career and future, partnering with the Victorian Academy of English will provide you with the knowledge and skills to get you where you want to go.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Victorian Academy of English!

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